Omegle Messaging Bot

The Best Omegle Bot on the market! Our bot supports proxies and running multiple instances. You can also set interests to target specific Omegle users.

This is a bot for Omegle, you can access it here.

Omege Messaging Bot, v1.1.1 - 04/11/2023

Omegle has, unfortunately, been shut down. This means this program no longer has a purpose.

Omegle Messaging Bot - SMediaBots


Description and Features

This is a secure and effective bot that works using Google Chrome to automate the Omegle website. You can set the message to be sent, the desired interests and the messaging interval, the bot will then open the Omegle website, enter the interests and repeatedly open a new chat, send the message and wait for the desired interval.

The bot currently supports all types of Proxies: http, socks5 and socks4; with OR without authentication.

The bot supports running multiple different instances, with the same or different settings. If you run several instances without using separate proxies for each, you will get a captcha.

You can also set the bot to run on headless mode, considerably saving on computer resources.


Select the platform and download, currently Windows and Linux are supported.

This program is protected by vmprotect, this causes some antivirus software to incorrectly flag it as malware. If that happens, disable your antivirus or whitelist the program.

Affiliate Program

Simply enter your email below and submit to get your affiliate link. Share that link and, whenever someone purchases a key through it, you will get 50% of their duration added to your key!

Days will be added to the key that is linked to the email you entered. If there is no key linked to that email, a new one will be created.


Free Trial

You can request a free trial key that will be valid for two hours. Simply enter your email (GMAIL addresses only) and press one of the buttons below to share this page. You will get an email with your free trial after you successfully share this page.


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Purchase key

  • You can cancel your subscription at any time by clicking here.
  • Your key will be sent automatically to your email after completing the payment, check your spam folder.
  • Refund Policy: You can ask for a full refund within 3 days of purchasing for any reason. Limited to 1 refund per client.
  • Credit/Debit Card or Crypto (BTC, USDT, ETH etc) payments are supported.
  • $10 USD - 1 Month



Usage Tips

  • If you run multiple instances from the same ip address, you will get a captcha, to avoid it, use a proxy.
    • Create either multiple templates with a different proxy on each.
    • Or create a single template, but using a random proxy that assigns a different ip on each connection.
  • Set the message interval to at least 5 seconds, setting it lower than that will result in a captcha.



1.1.1 04/11/2023

  • The "Add Template" window/form is now resizable, a scroll bar will appear when decreasing the form size. This change was to make it easier to use on lower resolution screens, as the form is very large.

1.1.1 28/10/2023

  • Fixed bugs when running on a system with a language other than english.
  • Fixed it not checking the for new versions upon running.

1.1.0 20/10/2023

  • Added support for sending multiple messages in a single chat.

1.0.1 13/03/2023

  • Added button to open this page.

1.0.0 10/03/2023

  • Released.